Goldman Sachs’: “The bear market is not over”

Goldman Sachs’ top investment strategist Peter Oppenheimer warned investors, saying, “the bear market is not over, in our view,” referring to stock market performance. “The conditions that are typically consistent with an equity trough have not yet been reached. We would expect lower valuations (consistent with recessionary outcomes), a trough in the momentum of growth […]

Why people are speculating Apple may remove Twitter from the App store

Twitter is ablaze with speculation that Apple could remove Twitter from the App store. The rumor has made it’s way to many prominent Twitter users with large followings and has gained traction with many users. While I expect lots of leeway, there is a real scenario in which Apple/Google remove Twitter because of content moderation […]

Can You Profit From Pot?

For decades marijuana has been huge business illegally. You’d be hard pressed to find a city in the United States that didn’t have an underground business infrastructure designed to supply those looking to partake in a little cannabis. However, today with marijuana becoming legal in many states and with public perception around it changing, marijuana […]

5 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Check Out

How I Built This Guy Raz, from NPR’s TED Radio Hour, interviews a wide range of inspiring founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs. If you want to hear how many driven men and women went started their journey and went on to build massively successful companies, this is for you. In addition to being entertaining and easy […]

Should A Small Business Hire A Marketing Agency?

The digital age has changed how consumers find businesses. Digital Marketing isn’t just for apps and tech companies, even small businesses must now have a strong digital presence. With the speed at which trends change, business owners don’t have the time or resources to train themselves. Can business owners learn to market themselves? If you […]

5 Common Traits of Successful Business Owners

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners come in all shapes and sizes. They are extroverts, introverts, shy, bold, and the list goes on. However, if you look close enough you will find these five traits are common amongst most successful business owners. They have a clear vision Successful entrepreneurs have a clear vision and direction of […]