Top Dems have talked about investigating Elon Musk, Biden’s Treasury Secretary says: “No Basis”

At a November 9th press conference Biden told reporters that Musk’s connection to the Saudi’s was “worth being looked at.” A group of Senate Democrats including Richard Blumenthal and Elizabeth Warren have also called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate potential security issues at Twitter since Elon Musk bought the company last month.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated on Tuesday that her agency had “no basis” to investigate the finances of Twitter or CEO Elon Musk over its connection to the Saudi Royal Family. While speaking to CBS News, Secretary Yellen said:

“Well, I’m not sure precisely what [the president] had in mind, but we are — we have really no basis — to the best of my knowledge — to examine his finances of his company. I’m not aware of concerns that would cause us to [investigate].”

It has been reported that Treasury officials have already concluded a routine review of the deal to determine if they had grounds for an investigation. Yellen’s statement seems to indicate that nothing untoward was found.

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