Should A Small Business Hire A Marketing Agency?

The digital age has changed how consumers find businesses. Digital Marketing isn’t just for apps and tech companies, even small businesses must now have a strong digital presence. With the speed at which trends change, business owners don’t have the time or resources to train themselves.

Can business owners learn to market themselves?

If you are an entrepreneur, you know doubt know quite a few other business owners who will proclaim that they’ve tried social and digital advertising and “it just doesn’t work.” The truth is, building an effective digital campaign that converts visitors into leads, sales, and customers takes experience and knowledge.

We’ve all heard the term “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” This is especially true for business owners attempting to become marketing experts. A few hours worth of Lynda tutorials and a day or so perusing blog posts are more likely to help you waste your advertising budget than yield new customers.

Google and social media sites make it seem really easy. All you have to do is create an ad, set a budget and voila – customers start rolling in. Most small business owners know this is not the case. Consult with a digital marketing agency or expert who understands content marketing, click through rates, digital sales funnels, and conversion metrics.

Think about how your customers find you?

How do your customers find you? If your answer to this question is Google, YELP, Social Media, or another online platform, an effective digital media strategy is essential to your business. If e-commerce is a part of your business digital marketing be the difference between success and failure. However, even if e-commerce is not something your business does, digital marketing can be just as impactful. Attorneys, accountants, restaurants, brick and mortar shops, realtors, and thousands of other businesses now have to compete digitally for clients on search engines and review websites.

Hiring a digital marketing agency can be more affordable than you realize

You may be surprised by how affordable certain digital marketing agencies can be. With more entrepreneurs starting new businesses than ever before, many digital marketing agencies have changed their pricing structure to make digital marketing more affordable for small businesses. Digital Marketing should provide you a return on your investment. You marketing strategy should lead to more leads, clients, and sales. If you cannot accomplish that without a digital marketing agency, then you can’t afford not to hire one.

We called 50 digital marketing agencies and asked for pricing

We conducted an unscientific survey with 50 top rated digital marketing agencies from across the United States. We posed as various small businesses ranging from a single person start up to 20 employees. We found several digital agencies with plans starting around $500 a month.

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