Kobe’s $6 Million BodyArmor Investment Now Worth $200 Million

Kobe Bryant is knows for being a stud on the basketball court, but he’s quickly showing he’s no slouch in the field of investing either.

ESPN reported that in 2014 Kobe invested approximately $6 million over a period of time into the sports drink company BodyArmor. The sports drink market is heavily saturated and investors were skeptical of Kobe’s dive into the sports drink world. However, the Black Mamba’s investment has paid off in a big way. After Coca Cola acquired a minority stake in BodyArmor recently, Kobe’s shares are now worth approximately $200 million.

Over the course of Kobe’s 20 year career, Bryant earned an estimated $680 million with the Los Angeles Lakers. That means Kobe’s investment in BodyArmor has already made him almost 30% of his career earning as a basketball player.

Will Kobe dominate the investing world like he did basketball? We would say he’s off to a pretty good start.

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